The Needables

The Needables are a relatively new band emerging from…well, it’s not exactly clear but they were apparently former fishermen so maybe they had a home in every port.

Back to the music. The four tracks so far released has them definitely pinning down their sound. “High Climb” and the recent track “Stuck Like Glue” have a real pop sentimentality sound to them and reminds me a little bit of Cracker.

However my two favouite tracks (below), I think stand out. “Beauty From A Kiss” keeps on the similar vain of the other tracks with a few na,na,na’s thrown which I always think can only add to a song.

“Jesus Don’t Climb that Mountain” is completely different though. Something you would expect to hear beside a lake in the middle of the Appalachian mountains circa 1930. If the song has created an image like that, it must work. Isn’t that what music is suppose to do?
Good news is they are listed to play at the Kilkenny Roots Festival on the May Bank Holiday Weekend.



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    Congratulations. My first comment. It's
    all my pleasure listening to the music and keep up the good work too!

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    Hey! Thanks a million for giving us a mention, and am glad to hear that you like the songs! It's great to finally see a site for people to learn about Irish Americana acts. Keep up the good work!

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