Cold Comfort

Shite is a word that is not used near enough in songs. Its such a great word. Rather than shit, it can convey much stronger emotion and contempt for a subject. Gladly Cold Comfort have found found a way to utilise shite in their music, the word that is. The Dublin based band formed in early 2011. The group is led by Rob Walsh who said he was tired of going on stage on his own, thus Cold Comfort. The band also features former Whipping Boy drummer Colm Hasset which was handy as his contacts got them started on their gigging.

The music itself is “nice”.Now that might sound like an insult to some people but its the sort of music that has a whimsicalness feel. No jarring guitars, no heavy kick drum. It is the perfect music for this lovely, warm, sunny Sunday afternoon. The songs do offer though, some political opinions. My favourite is “Bury Your Head”. Im guessing it reflects on the actions on the last government or maybe just politicians in general.Back to that word shite. It has the great line “Force fed shite with a large side of debt”. Nice music to revolt to. Bury Your Head is available as a free download on their soundclound page.

The other song I want to highlight is Ghosts of Dublin. It reminds me in some ways of The Pogues A Rainy Night in Soho. I know it doesn’t sound that similar but any song that conjures an image of lashing rain always brings me back to that song.

They are also appearing at the Vantastival which is looking better by the day. Their Facebook is also here if you are curious.

Rob Walsh has also made all his solo stuff available for download for free off soundcloudincluding demos of the bands current songs. check it out. Now back to the sun.

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