Layne County


I have been listening to the Drive-by Truckers back-catalogue a lot recently. They are still one of my favourite bands although the quality control might have gone done a bit lately. What I like about the Drive-By Truckers is the stories in the songs. Songs such as “Daddy’s Cup” and “I used to be a Cop” are simple linear stories that I was easily captivated by. This goes back to the roots of country music, a method of telling stories of love, crime and people.

It was coincidental then, that I came across Layne County. The first thing that struck me about them (apart from me saying Larne country in my head everything time I read their name) was their similarity to Drive-by Truckers. The heavy guitars, heavy drums and sombre lyrics all add up to what a compelling is listen. They sound like they would be intense to see live.

The band hails from Galway and of the three tracks that I have found so far, Ash Wednesday is my favourite. It’s a slow burner, starting out what seems to be a slow ballad about a girl but the intensity grows. You’re not quite sure if he is singing about treating his girl to a nice evening together by the fire or he is thinking about to do something sinister. Again, just a compelling story. Check out the tracks below.

Their Facebook seems to be the main source of news for the band at the moment.

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