Eirecana – The Manifesto

The time has come after settling into this slowly to lay down what I envisage for this blog. To give you, the reader, an idea of what to expect and to keep myself, the writer, within my own parameters and not be wandering off.

Why did I start this blog?
I started this blog to highlight Irish bands that are influenced by the Americana, alt-country and sometimes folk sound. Basically like 90% of music blogs, the blog began when I went looking for Irish americana bands and could not find a site that specifically covered them. Yes there was other Irish sites that may occasionally have that sort of band highlighted but that could be more by coincidence that intention. I wanted to read about these bands somewhere daily, weekly, whatever and thus Eirecana was born. Also as you might have guessed, the name is born from the Irish for Ireland “Eire” and the affix of -cana. Therefore Eirecana. If you think it is a terrible name, please let me know any suggestions you might have?

What is this blogs raison d’etre?
Now as you can tell from my blog posts, I am not a writer, well not a gifted one anyway. So I have decided to keep things simple on this site. Most people don’t use music blogs to read affecting writing. They come for the music and who am I to treat it any differently here. So the blog will be more of an archive than a blog. As I mentioned already, I am not here to break new bands as soon as they put up an mp3 on soundcloud. I want to find and hopefully collect at one place, bands that have this americana influenced sound. So far, I have been only posting music that I like and that I think is good but that may change in the future! It depends what is out there. I’ll try keep it consistent.

What does the future hold?
I haven’t a clue. Why are you asking me?…Another example of bad grammar contextualisation there. What I mean to say is, I hope to continue thing on as they are. Writing on Irish-americana bands. Eventually I would like to move to WordPress and start hosting mp3’s myself, not as a method of promoting myself by having free music but to promote the bands I come in contact with. I think most musicians realise now that you have to do that sort of thing if you want to garner attention. I would be keen on having a fortnightly and then possibly weekly post on music from America that I’m listening to or is currently popular..a Zeitgeist if you will. I’m sure no one has done that before. Keep on truckin’.


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