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Six posts in and I am already straying off topic. The Eskies might not technically qualify as an americana band but they aren’t far off and that’s my justification for including them so there! Anyway where was I. I love bands that don’t take themselves too seriously. In this case, the Eskies are fond of eloquent language to describe their foundation and elaborate early 20th century photos to use as singles artwork (Look at their Tumblr site). I know it can get tiring sometimes when you read lads claiming they formed over a love of using Barry’s tea bags as an instrument but once in a while this sort of thing can be humorous, witty and even add to the music.

The Eskies (I presume self-penned) biography manges to thread that line perfectly. We read of a band born in the wilderness of Germany, returning to Dublin, gigging regularly only to be scuppered by band changes but now returning to regular form.

They describe their music as country-folk with the occasional sea shanty thrown in and I cant disagree with them. The last band they probably wanted to be compared to is Mumford & Sons (and it is probably lazy writing) but they do sound similar to those lads on the song “Down, Down, Down”. More accurate would be to say the track reminds me of English Folk music but in a good way (without the Morris dancing). But make your own mind up on that.

Its Jailhouse Son though that I am most found of. The song has got a lovely shufflin’ country feel to it. I never get sick of those clean country guitar solos which sounds just like the Nashville of my dreams on this song. I hope their music heads this way.

You can find their superbly written biographical feature here. And their Facebook if you want to find out more.


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