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Well i’m back…sort of. Finally got settled here in the city of the tribes. Only took me about a month. I do things slowly as can be attested to by the output of this blog. Since I have posted, Levon Helm has passed away. The Band had and especially with The Last Waltz impacted on my perception and love of americana music. I had heard of them before as the backing back to Bob Dylan (whom I want the biggest fan of) and im still not quite sure why I bought that The Last Waltz eight years ago in my local music store but my god, even though it was almost 30 years old, it felt like you were there witnessing men at the peak of their abilities. I got the Last Waltz album straight away and then the Big Pink. I think his influence has and will contuine to impact longer and to a stronger degree than many realise. Ninebullets.net did a better summary than I could of the man’s life and contribution to music. Its worth reading.

That has sort of taking me in a Band direction this week.Not really trying to find artists similar to them in sound but reminding me of the same feelings I had when listening to the band. Jackson Cage are/were based in Belfast, a 7 piece folk-americana band. I say were because it seems their activity peaked around 2010 (well according to their Facebook page)and have been quite since. They have already been compared to the Band, by the BBC no less and I wouldn’t dispute that. They released their first and as far as I can amke out, only ablum in 2008.

My two favourite songs that I have come across of theirs are Lady of The Water and Samaritan Street. Both are of a simular slow shuffling pace. They remind of the Band in the way the songs are filled with stories. That’s what I find so enjoyable abou them and for that fact the band as well; new songs that feel like old folk tales put to music. It’s great stuff.

The lead singer of the band has recently released an album on Bandcamp. Its optionally free and it is worth checking out. If you liked the above two tracks you will enjoy this album.


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