Good News From the West Vol. I

So the point of this post is to highlight music that I have come across from America that I can’t post here because this is technically a Irish americana blog and I have to stick to my own rules. The idea is here I will suggest a load of bands (but not too many) from the US that I am listening to at the moment just to give you an idea of what I think is around now and is good. You may disagree that they are good. That’s completely likely or you may agree. Only one way to find out!

First off, I have only come across these fellows a few weeks ago and I’m obsessed. The Neighbourhood have released very little yet a lot of people are very excited about them. Expect an Alabama Shakes style mainstrem crossover soon. I might be stretching on the americana genre but they do have a Laurel canyon feel about them?

Next up, Have Gun, Will travel. I have been playing their album for a while and its a real mixture from country to a bit of folk on the instrumental By The Flicker Of The Flame but my favourites are the The Shins sounding tracks “Dream no more” and “Time machine” which you can lsiten to below as well as a few others from the album. [EDIT: The label have taken down the album sampler from Soundcloud so I’m putting a track below (which is a non-album track..oh the irony) to give you an idea of their sound. And I found a lovely video of “Dream No More” as well. It all works out in the end.]

Low cut Connie are band bringing back the sounds of stompin piano. I cant help but imagine the man on his two feet hitting that piano dressed in rockabilly gear. I could be completely wrong but this song will give you an idea of where my head got that image from.

Nick Faye is a great bit of stuff. His songs, I think are full of emo type lyrics that some might dismiss but I love them and setting them to that alt-country rock is a marriage that is meant to last. I also like his suggestion on how to listen to the album “if you ever find yourself driving with the windows down a muddy Saskatchewan back road on a hot summer day.” Its on Bandcamp. Go get it.

Another band that I have just come across is the Lonesome City Travelers. Again like Have Gun, Will Travel, their album is a real eclectic mix form acoustic to poppy sounding americana of which the track below is the best example and if doesn’t have you jumping round the will have you jumping the kitchen, you need to listen to it in the kitchen…LOUD!

So that’s all my suggestions. Please tell me what you think. Comments always welcome.

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