Vickers Vimy

Hailing from the mighty whhest, Vickers Vimy are a recently formed americana five piece group led by two multi,multi instrumentalists (they can play a lot of instruments); Ed Drea & Fintan Hanley who write and arrange the music. The band are due to release their début single in a few weeks; “Devil on Your Back”. The song is a sweet slice of pop americana, full of soul. Ed who is the lead singer has a soulful melodic voice that reminds me a little of Mercury Rev’s Jonathan Donahue. The organ is great at intensifying emotion and works well at it. The band have a few other tracks available to listen as well on Breaking Tunes and the Youtube. They previously released a demo e.p. in 2011, “That Vinyl Scratch e.p.”. Some of the songs are a bit more experimental than you might expect after listening to the current single. “Offseason by the Aquarium” is a jazzy, meditative country piece that has a lovely sauntering pace to it while “Broken Star” is a dark, slow and haunting. Also check out “Southbound”, a favourite of mine. The sound quality might not be great but you can hear enough to indicate that with its shufflin’ rhythm, and full harmonies, it’s a piece of positive solid americana. Also you will probably have not seen a banjo played like that. The single launch is on June 26th in the Crane Bar in Galway and if you miss that night, the good news is you have three more chances to catch them in Galway, in the Roisin Dubh on July 3rd, the Cellar on July 12th, and Munroe’s on July 29th. The single is available to buy on Bandcamp You can visit the band website to confirm this and browse their social media output.

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