The Annulments

Normal service is resuming…eventually. As you may have noticed from previous posts on this blog, I am a great fan of the wider themed posts. I like doing posts that connect to each other. Makes it feel more like I’m making connections rather than random music just appearing on this site. So in light of that amazing revelation from myself..I give you The Annulments.

The connection in this case is that Aoife, a multi-instrumentalist in The Annulments, used to be the fiddle player (or maybe still is) in The Last Tycoons whom I featured in the last post. The other band members are simply Stephen, Claire and Richard. It’s all first names here! The band apparently formed out of an attempt to form a wedding band. Lucky for the world that they decided to concentrate on original songs. Straight outta’ around the kitchen table, the band has made available three lovely songs of rootsy americana. I think the name of the band fits in perfectly with the music that they produce. It’s sorrowful, wistful americana folk. Each of the songs sail gently along, each expertly crafted, and skilfully executed. If you are looking for a direct comparison, I would suggest The Mastersons . Similarly to The Mastersons, the Annulments combine perfectly a number of instruments and blend the harmonies of the male and female vocals so well. My favourites of the three tracks available on Soundcloud is definitely “The Harbour”. The song is a slow, mournful piece on love. Beautifully composed and sung. The song feels warm even though the subject matter suggests otherwise. A sign of a well crafted song. “The Birds Don’t Cry” is a chirper affair (pun intended). A song full of motion filled with fiddle fills spritely harmonica and xylophone. And all about an annoying person. It is a fun song. The band have a official website already as well as the to be expected (these days) Facebook page.. The band will be appearing at the Jack of Diamonds Festival in Dublin this weekend. More specifically Aoife will be hosting a workshop on getting your country harmonies perfect and then will appear as part of the Saucy Sundays this Sunday. Then they are in Carlow at the end of August. Worth trying to catch.

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