Knoxville Morning

Back in action. Introducing a man that has travelled extensively over those United States and now has the US inspired songs to prove it.

Knoxville Morning began as a solo project of one Ciaran Dwyer (formally of Band on an Island). This soon morphed into a collection of songs by a collective of artists to a full-grown album. The songs of Knoxville Morning came from a journey by Ciaran through America. There are references to Austin, Virginia, Memphis, Nashville, New York and Knoxville itself. The collective features a number of artists from indie bands in Ireland such as The Mighty Stef, Super Extra Bonus Party, We Are Losers and Humanzi. The title track of the album feels like a perfect album opener. Easing one in before organ and trumpets combine in the coda, the song has a warm feel about it. As the song describes an early Knoxville morning, the instrumental match perfectly. The album moves between soft americana and folk. While the album as a whole is a mellow affair, it does not feel like a melancholy album. I think it of it more as a gentle road album. Something to play on a warm summers evening winding your way across the eastern seaboard. Interestingly, you can find a detailed track by track explanation by Ciaran here. Being someone that isn’t the best at interpretation of lyrics, I’m always curious about what artists intentions are with the lyrics of songs and it is always a pleasure to read it directly from the artist. The album contains some great upbeat tracks like “Alphabet City” and “Tulsa (m.o.e)”. However it’s of the contemplative tracks that make up the majority of the album where some gems can be found. The Tom Waits esque “Chelsea Bards”, the acoustic “Loyola” and the lovely duet “Baseball Song”. The album would probably be stronger with a shorter tracklist but overall, a lovely love letter (album) to America. The album is available to purchase on iTunes and Amazon on both cd and mp3. Knoxville Morning are still doing a few dates round the country. Best check the official site here to confirm where they might be or even the Facebook page.

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