The information is this short post about a blues/folk artist from Kildare comes courtesy of my fellow and always excellent blogger, Barry Gruff.

Appo or David Aspell is a one man bluesy-folk operation. Hailing from Newbridge, David has a very quiet presence online apart from a few tracks on the Acorn music soundcloud page and the odd YouTube video. The music of Appo consists principally of David and his guitar. However Davids style suits this sparse arrangement. His voice is large in depth and reminiscent of Chris Knight and Michael Dean Damron. He sounds like he’s seen the world and has had experiences to sing about. This comes through in the untitled live track from the “The Riverbank sessions” in 2008. Dedicated to a friend, the song is a moving piece on loss and absence. What is fairly unique about Appo/David apart from the voice is the vacuity of any online information. With no social media presence, he is exceptional to most, if not all unsigned acts. It just goes to show how easy writing about music has become that research about a band/artist may only take half an hour nowadays compared to ten years ago. It also demonstrates the fact that live gigs and word-of-mouth carry as much, if not more weight in terms of discovering new acts as Soundcloud or Bandcamp do. Of the two tracks available on the Acorn Music soundcloud page, “The Sea of Souls” is my favourite. A stark folk story, the song is dominated by Davids rustic voice, propelled by acoustic guitar with some ghostly guitar licks. He sings like a man that has seen a lot of things in this world and even some things in the next… So I think this is the first post where I am not stating that you should click here for a Facebook link or here for a official website. Fair play to David. Keep on singing in an analogue world. Photo: Stephen Connolly/BarryGruff


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