Good News From the West Vol. V

This hopefully will not be my last post before Christmas but if it is…have a very happy Christmas. I’m not big into best of/end of year lists but I might do something before we reach the 31st. In the meantime, here is a long overdue return to music from America that I have been listening to this year. As with previous posts, there is a theme. The last one was about angry men so this one will focus on male artists highlighting some mellow songs. Andrew Combs
Originally from Dallas but now living in Nashville, Andrew Combs is one of a new breed of americana and country artists. Blending the best of the old country styling’s with the emotional core of the modern man, his melodies and lyrics are impressive. This is best typified by the track above, “Too stoned to cry”; raw lyrics with soothing melodies to support it. See his website and the Bandcamp page.

Allen Thompson Band
Another man based in and from Nashville. I came across the above song (“Everybody Knows”) on Ninebullets. It is one of those of tracks that will stop you in your tracks so to speak. The rest of the album titled “Salvation in the ground” is reminiscent of the beginnings of country-rock. A comparison to early Eagles, CSNY and Gene Clark would not be inappropriate here. Check the band’s official site here for more.

Ed Romanoff
I first came across Ed Romanoff on the South Wind Blows radio show. The man’s story is impressive. Having been around music for many years, he is just releasing his début album as a man in his 50’s. I’m sure that’s not what he wants to be known for. Gladly there is quality in the music and suggests a strong career in song composition ahead. With some lovely instrumentation, as might be expected the songs have a mature reflection about them. The words, like those on the track linked above paint textured pictures that seem easy to imagine and to connect to. For more check out his Soundcloud and official site . I hope you get some use out of these songs. Happy Christmas.

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