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It’s not often that I come across a Iriah man producing americana music via an americana blog that I haven’t of but that is the case with Niall Connolly. Have downloaded and listened to a recent episode of the Americana rock Mix, I was surprised to hear a name like Connolly and Niall feature on the show and had to investigate.

To my shame, I had previously never heard of Niall Connolly even though he has just released his 6th studio album. The man himself hails from Cork.He recorded his first three records in Ireland including the 2008 live album “Be There If I Have To Swim” before moving to New York. No Depression described him as a “musicans musican” and you can see that from his songs and their production. He himself studied sound engineering and music management in Cork before committing to the music industry. The latest album “Sound” has that pleasant alternative/americana mood to it that makes the melodies listenable, enjoyable and infectious. “Samuri” would be the prime example of this.

In reference to being a musicians musician, Niall recorded the album in New York with a bunch of people who have already either produced their own material or were involved with different groups themselves and are already songwriters in their own right. Thus the songs of Niall are appealing to other musicians. “Seagull” is a more folky track. With its strong strings yet low key arrangement the songs allows the words to be given loads of room to make an impact.

In some ways, the music of Niall reminds me of Mark Mulcahy, with the almost laid back feel of the songs that underneath the bonnet are delicately constructed. I would say someone to watch out for, but I’m a few years too late so an artist with a back catelogue to explore.

You can purchase Niall’s albums on iTunes and CDbaby. Don’t forget to check out his Facebook page and official site too.

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