Americana Radio Part II: International

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So the second part of the two-part series on americana podcasts and radio shows. Most of these shows are American….and mostly podcasts. I’ll try and add more as I come across them to give it more of an international blend and not just America centric. By the way, all times listed below for radio shows are Greenwich time. So if you’re outside that timezone, I’m afraid you’ll have to do the maths yourself. Sorry.

Americana Rock Mix:
Podcast at *Now also on*
Time: Any time/ Radio 4-6pm BST Monday
I’ve mentioned this show before. Presented by Von and going strong for six years now, the show covers a wide variety of American and some international americana music. As it name suggests the music featured tends to be on the rockier side of the americana spectrum. A new show is out every week.

*Von has also just announced he is now on the airwaves, every Monday on local radio in Florida with a show called  the Americana Rock Soundoff!Such be just as quality as the podcast.

Ninebullets Radio Station:
WMNF.orgPodcast at
Time: Radio show: Live Saturday 7pm-9pm (BST) Podcast: Anytime

Another one of my regular listened to americana shows. I enjoy Bryan as a presenter. He’s not afraid to give his opinion. Again mostly alt-country rather than americana stuff. If you like your music rock, you’ll enjoy this. The podcast is either presented by Bryan or Charles. Charles podcasts are very interesting. He manages to select music I’ve never heard that creates a perfect tone for each of the podcasts he presents.

Roots and Branches Station:
KRFC fm Playlists at Roots and
Time: Saturdays 11pm-1am (BST)
A show presented by Scott Foley that I don’t get to hear too often. I think I need to move countries. Anyway the playlists are varied featuring both classic country/americana and more modern stuff. If you are hanging round on a Saturday night, it’s definitely worth tuning in to.

Country Fried Rock Station:
Podcast at
Time: Anytime
A weekly radio show presented by Sloane Spencer. It is interesting concept. It basically features interviews with various musicians each week the occasional bit of music. If you’re curious to hear who the people are behind the music you listen to then you will enjoy this show.

Postmodern Hootenanny Station
Time: Fridays 3-4am (Streamable online)
I came across this show listening to Ninebullets Radio. The two were side-by-side in the schedule and you should consider Postmodern Hootenanny the more relaxed cousin of Ninebullets. A lot of music featured would be on the gentle side of americana. Again the show has featured many new artists that have since become staples on my iPod.

International Americana Music Show
Time: Various/Available at Mixcloud

A new one for the list. The International Americana Radio Show is presented by Michael Park, a Scottish writer and broadcaster based in New York. He moved there a number of years ago. The show concentrates as the title suggests on playing non-US based americana music. In that regard it is a great resource of checking out what is happening in the americana genre all over the world and the different interpretations taken by artists to the genre.

That Much Further West Radio
Time: Anytime Available at TMFW Podcast

Another great podcast. This one is based out of Portland, Oregon. Hosted and organised by Eric Kotila, Mike Lee and Phil Favourite, the show covers all that americana, alt-country and roots music. The good thing about the show is that it focuses on music from the north-west of the U.S. too so its great exposure to music that you might not be aware of.

Others worth mentioning: Some are podcasts and some are radio shows. Tupelo Honey (Wednesdays 1-3am (BST)) is always enjoyable though you have to stream it live and I don’t get to catch it that often….Twang Nation podcast is the occasional podcast linked to the blog. Baron features a bit of everything on the show…..The Americana Music Show hosted by Calvin Powers is based out of Texas. AS the name suggests, it does exactly what it says on the tin though sometimes featuring country, soul and related americana genres. Finally has an interesting collection of resources, promoters, charts and a very long list of americana associated radio stations in the U.S.

Hopefully you will find something to enjoy on that long list. Enjoy.


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