Americana Radio Part I: Ireland

As you may or may not be aware, I have started my own radio show (dedicated to the best alt-country and americana music out right now). Yes I have been working hard on my DJ voice and radio clichés. You can listen to past programmes here if you are curious. So to celebrate and acknowledge that fact, today’s post will point you towards all my national competition with a separate post coming soon on my international competition. Sure why make it easy on myself! I’m sure you can list to all the shows below together rather than choosing one over the other.


The Pick-Up with Gavin Glass 
Station: TXfm
Time: Tuesdays 9-11pm
Formally Phantom fm, txfm relaunched in March of this year. The station like its predecessor has aleays focued on indie music, With the re-launch though the station has included some more alternative genres such as americana. Gavin Glass is on of the finest purveyors of americana in Ireland so who better than to present a two-hour show. The show doesn’t just focus on americana, all genres and styles are featured. You can use the listen back feature on the site to catch up on previous shows.

Not Just Nashville 
Station: Dublin South fm
Presented by Ciaran Barrett, the blog show contains not all americana but does include artists like Ryan Adams and Lucinda Williams on the playlist. I’m not sure how regular it is. Check out the radio website for more.

Roots Highway 
Station:Near fm
Time: Saturday 5- 6:30pm
Not too much info on this show on the Near fm website. It is presented by Stephen Egan. You can listen to the show live on Saturday’s or listen back to some of the shows (some of which are nicely themed) through Mixcloud.

Cross Country 
Station: Ros fm
Time: Wednesday 6-7pm
Presented by Jimmy Fallon and Adrian Martin Murphy. Again you’ll have to listen in live as there seems to be no playlists for the show. The blurb does state though that the show covers alternative modern Irish and American country, acoustic country, roots music and bluegrass which sounds promising.

American Music Show 
Station: Dublin City fm 
Time: Friday 11pm-Midnight
Presented by Kristy Lee, the show covers all aspects of americana with gig listings and album of the week. On the station there is also the Roots of American show. The show is in the title covering everything from country soul, soul, r&b. It could be interesting. It is presented by Joe Chambers (Wednesdays 9:30-11pm).

The Lost Highway
Station: Flirt FM
Time: Wednesdays 2pm
A sort of sister to my own show on our shared home of Flirt FM, (possibly the calmer, more organised sister), The Lost Highway is a show presented by Stella Mae and Jolene that although says it covers americana, blues and country, it features a whole lot more. It does feature some real roots and country that wouldn’t usually appear on Eirecana. So to broaden your country music palette, you should check it out on Mixcloud.

The Departure Lounge 
Time: Thursday 8pm/Sunday 6pm
8radio is a new station in Ireland. Firstly broadcasting online and on FM at weekends, the Departure Lounge is a show is presented by Anne-Marie Walsh. The programme covers loads of new music.Both Irish and International is covered from many different genres, though a lot of Eirecana related artists are featured.  You can listen to past shows on Mixcloud here

The All-American Country Show 
Station: Radio Kerry fm
Time: Friday 11pm-1am
Again one I don’t have too much information on, even who presents it! But still the blurb says it features music like American Country, Cajun, Bluegrass, Western Swing, Tex Mex so may be worth catching.

The C Word 
Station: 2xm 
Time: Monday Time unknown
Presented by Paula Flynn on the digital only 2xm, the show is broadcast on a Monday. At what time I’m not sure. Anyway you can click on the link above to see what sort of music is featured on the show.

Also worth mentioning but not exclusively americana and alt-country orientated are the Totally Irish show on 98fm (Sunday 9-11pm) and Baggy Jumper (Friday 8-9pm) on Shannonside which are as the names suggest home grown orientated shows but ones that may feature americana and alt-country Irish artists from time to time. Finally check out John Loftus on 8radio too, his show covers all Irish music and always has some interesting acts on it.

So go forth and listen. No excuses now!


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