Dylan Walshe

After a longer than expected period away from Eirecana, I am back. I did not intend the break to be this long but I’ll put that down to my inability to carry around a diary with me. The last month has been busy but I’m glad to be back with your good selves featuring quality americana music and on my first post back, that is no less the case.

Dylan Walshe is a americana and roots musician Dublin raised but currently based between London and Dublin. Dylan has a way with words and explains quite humorously about his childhood in the May 2012 edition of Musos magazine which you can find here. Having learnt the guitar as a teenager, he went on to move to London where he worked in a number of record stores. He has had a migrant life, moving between both countries. Dylan got a break early on by being invited to perform on a radio station in London after a chance meeting with Shane McGowan and a radio DJ in a pub. He contrast this with the following week, playing in front of two homeless men and their dogs in a Kentish town pub. Two interesting items that stand out from the piece though is that Dylan was big into his lyrics from an early age and as a young fella, he was listening to very early vinyl recordings from 1920’s America. Both these things mentioned can be heard in his recorded output.

The beautiful “Blind is blind” is Dylan’s current single. Feeling more like a dirge, the song gently floats with a melody paced within the phrasing of the words. Each bit of harmonica emphasing that feeling of lament. The video accompanying it adds to this feeling. Surpurbly edited from a early black and white film set in Ireland, the mood of both fit together nicely.

“You’re belly, Not Mine” is a brooding though punchy blues americana number. The version on Soundcloud is a live recorded version. The song itself would remind you of classic delta blues. This influence can also be heard on “Lonesome Valley”. You couldn’t get any more americana in a song title like that. Both songs are earthy, rootsy numbers but still full of vitality.

As Dylan said himself, for a man who has done so many gigs, he has little in the way of recorded songs. I look forward to hear more of his work being out down to tape. You can catch up on Dylan’s going on’s through his official site here. Don’t forget to check out the Facebook for more info . You can buy “Blind is Blind” single on vinyl with a choice of three colours through Squoodge.de
Photo: dylanwalshe.com

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