Crow Black Chicken

Straight after the Jack of Diamonds festival (which I sadly didn’t get to attend), I have been thankful for the line-up pointing me to a lot of Irish americana artists that I had previously been unaware of. Hopefully I will get to discuss these over the next few weeks. However I’ll start with one that caught my ear in my preview of the festival: Crow Black Chicken.

Since forming in 2009, Crow Black Chicken have been working hard on creating the rawest blues sound this side of the Mississippi. The group consists of members Christy O’Hanlon (vocals & guitar), Steven McGrath (bass) and Gev Barrett (drums). Since the formation the lads have been gigging hard including impressively a number of shows at the Glastonbury festival.The sound of Crow Black Chicken could be described as the merging of rock, blues and folk when you consider the lyrics and music combined. There have been lazy comparisons to ZZ Top for the band but it is obvious that this group is much more than that. I could make my own lazy comparisons and describe them as Ireland’s own My Morning Jacket but I think the group’s output deserve more analysis than that. The band first release was “Organic Part 1” e.p. in 2011. This was followed by the release of their début album with the help of a Fundit campaign in June 2012. “Electric Soup” is 13 songs of raw, raucous blues-rock.

Charlie’s Woman which was featured on both the ep and the album is reminiscent of 1970’s rock. Its lyrics, engaging rhythm, and sing-along chorus feels like an early Lynyrd Skynyrd number.

The groups second single from the album; “Murmuration” is probably one of my favourite tracks by Crow Black Chicken. With Christy’s raspy vocals, a thunderous rhythm section, and the occasional blues solo riff that creeps over the top, the song is rock tour-de-force.

There is not enough of this type of music being produced and played in Ireland and with a band like Crow Black Chicken spreading the gospel, lets hope it will inspire many more.
You can buy their album on Bandcamp. Check out their official site for more information or alternatively the Facebook page.
Photo: Crow Black Chicken


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    Couldnt agree more, to fully appreciate the guys you must check them out live.

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