Home Brew & The Bad Examples

In this the age of the internet, there is no shortage of information. Knowledge can acquired quickly but wisdom is hard to retain. This is just the case for finding and learning about new music. It is often quite easy to get the entire summary of a bands career before they have launched an ep along with the complete interpretation guide to every song written by the artist by the songwriter in question. Now often this is very beneficial (I probably couldn’t write post otherwise) but sometimes it is nice to come across a group that have just put some songs on the internet and left it at that.

In a way it reminds me of what discovering music in the days pre the internet was like. To find out about an artist you had to wait until an interview was published in one of the magazines you read or hope that they might be interviewed on the radio. Nowadays its all much more accessible and I would say, less mysterious. However keeping the mystery going is one Dublin based group, Home Brew and the Bad Examples.

I came across the group from their appearance at the Jack of Diamonds festival. As you might haver guessed, there is little confirmed history of Home Brew and Bad Examples, just what I can retrieve from their Facebook page. The group consist of Conor Murphy (Guitar & Vocals), John Millar (Steel Guitar), Steve O’Brien (Bass) and Enda Roche (drums). Inspired by artist like Hank Williams (I & III), Johnny Cash and the like, Home Brew are a energetic alt-country outfit. The group began in 2008 and have been gigging steadily since.

The band’s Soundcloud has four tracks listed, all seemingly recorded live. Three are covers I am certain of. The first track you meet on their Soundcloud page, I’m not to sure. You can tell me if it definitely is a cover. Anyway whether it is or not, they do a great version. The song “Dead in The Morning” is a foot stompin’ full force alt-country tune. There is barely enough time to catch your breath listening to it.

Of the covers, their version of Felice Brothers Frankie’s Gun is a nicely measured interpretation. The version demonstrates the bands ability to move between styles in the alt-country and americana genre. The vocals blend comfortably into one another with the overall mix featuring the groups solid musicianship.

Hopefully Home Brew & The Bad Examples will go on to record some of their own tracks. They know how to pick their covers. Whether or not it’s right to feature an artist that does covers over an artist that only does originals, I don’t know. I’m open to arguments either way. I think we all have to start somewhere. You can find more out about the group and follow their live dates through their Facebook page.

Photo: Facebook.com

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