The Rattling Kind

Something a bit left-field for this Monday afternoon. For a left-field blog the artist featured this Monday afternoon is a even a bit left-field. The Rattling Kind are a folk/indie outfit who hail from Dublin city. Indeed it is hard not to notice from the groups output, that the band come from the northside of Strumpet city. The group formed in 2012, since then they have contributed a track to Near FM for their compilation CD, “Near Musical Express” and also headlined a gig in the Academy last year. The band released their d├ębut ep last August, entitled ‘Rise Up’, the ep contains seven tracks of a blend of folk and rock.

The band wears their roots on their sleeves and it informs both their lyrical and musical style. Lead vocalist Eddie Sherlock (rhythm guitar) along with other members Tom Forde (bass and vocals), Ben McGinn (lead guitar and vocals) and Anthony White (drums and percussion) have melded a sound that clearly draws its roots from the new folk acts of the 1960’s such as the Dubliners.

I am definitely struck by the fact that I am in some way reminded of Luke Kelly when I listen to The Rattling Kind. The vocal style obviously draws the first main comparison but also the lyrical content of their songs are reminiscent of Like Kelly. Songs of the people, for the people. That is especially the case on the song ‘All Around The Town’.

The song is a commentary piece on life in the city; drugs, death and politics all feature. A song that builds slowly then, propelled by a rolling bassline, hits its groove. Commentary songs are often, while robust in their comments, hard to listen to as the melodies never quite match the words. That is not the case here. Like the best commentary songs, ‘All Around The Town’ seeps in until you will end up singing the words without even realising it.

Another quality song on the ep is ‘Follow The Moon’. Underpinned by flowing drums, the song is cornered by a banjo melody with vocals that sway you into into a foot tappin’ journey.

It’s always reassuring to hear vocalists sing in their natural accent. The Rattling Kind are carrying on a tradition of Dublin folk artists singing of their surroundings that has continued for many years and deserves to inherit and carry on that mantle.

You can find more out about The Rattling Kind on their Facebook page. You can stream the songs on their Soundcloud page and purchase the ep though the Bandcamp page

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