Thomas Kitt

Have arrived at another abode, the third in the space of a year. Having completed all the moving, I can report that at least now I can come back to the blogging with a clean desk in front of me. In settling myself back in, I am high lightening today, the music of Thomas Kitt.

I came to Thomas’ music through Gavin Glass’s excellent radio show on TXfm on Tuesday nights. Thomas is the brother of David Kitt (a well known Irish singer-songwriter). His music does bare some similarities to his brothers output. Both delve into the one man and his guitar folk. While older brother David might be labelled straight folk, the sound of Thomas Kitt  has a country twang about it.

Thomas released his d├ębut album in 2008. Punningly titled ‘Kitt Happens’, the album is a stroll through  a mix of old style folk-country tunes and more modern altfolk country. Citing his influences as Townes Van Zant, Guy Clarke, Gillian Welch you can detect the style of all three rubbing off on Thomas’s melodies. Never straying too far from an instrument setup of guitar and vocal, ‘Kitt Happens’ still manages to make a impact, at least on this listener. My favourite song upon first listen was ‘The Day the Devil came in for Tea’. With a punchy finger-picking style, the song earnestly sails along with the sharp words matching the melody.

Another excellent upbeat track, (of which I tend to favour) is ‘Afternoon’. With a feel of more pop than folk variation of country, the song is a sweet, little, lovely melody dedicated not to love, but to that topic of having time to oneself in the middle of a relationship.

From looking at his Facebook page, it seems that Thomas has not been as frequent in releasing music as of late. From my true detective skills, (I googled his name), it seems that Thomas has turned his attention to poker. This does not seem to be a sudden change of career. If you listen to the lyrics of a number of songs on his album, cards are mentioned. The most obvious example being ‘The Gambler’.

A lovely gentle collection of folk songs, lets hope Thomas returns to writing melodies about gambling soon. If you would like to get a copy of the album, I seen a few copies on ebay. You could try Thomas himself through his Facebook page.


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