Good News From the West Vol X

As you might expect, I tend to get a lot of emails in about non Irish artists compared to emails about Irish artists. Even though Ireland is known for its strong relationship with music and language, the population of the rest of the world slightly skews the probability in the rest of the world’ favour. What I’m trying to say in basically I get many non Irish artists emailing me and here is a round-up of some of those artists whose music I enjoy. There is no reason or rhyme why I picked these artists out. They are just the mails I came across, liked the music and decided to feature.

Sun Ladders
These Brooklyn based artists contacted me earlier on in the month to mention that they were coming to Ireland soon. While not the direct americana that you might associate with the blog, you can still feel some alt-country edge to some of their songs. That’s probably because the band feature a former member of Band of Horses that being Rob Hampton. Sun Ladders is a four piece rock band hailing from Brooklyn, New York, formed in 2012 by Rob Hampton (guitar, vocals), Jonathan Swafford (bass), Alan O’Keeffe (guitars) and Christian Rutledge (drums). They cite their influences as classic bands like The Faces and The Rolling Stones.
Why are a Brooklyn touring Ireland you ask? Well one member of the band (Andy O’Keefe) is a Cork man and a former member of local Cork bands Odyssey and Sylvia Saint. He moved to New York in 2001 and ended up meeting Rob and thus Sun Ladders were formed. The band are planing to play four dates in Ireland; Crane Lane Theatre, Cork (June 23rd) Blind Pig, Limerick (June 25th)Whelans Dublin (June 26th)Sea Sessions festival Bundoran (June 28th). The band have released their debut EP ‘Rock and Roll is Dead’. Check out their music on Bandcamp

Spencer Burton
Another one that came out of the blue. Spencer Brown is an artist that I had never heard of though he is a former guitarist with Attack In Black (a Canadian indie-rock outfit). That band is currently on hiatus so he is releasing material of his own. His current music reflects on his travels through Canada. The song ‘Diamond’ is a country-folk infused song. It is a gentle soulful number that aches and comforts at the same time. This single is from his not yet named third solo album due for release in the autumn.

Danny Sierra Leone
Danny Sierra is a young singer- songwriter hailing from Nashville. In May he released an EP of songs titled ‘Sawed Off Runt’. He style of music is not influenced by other music but by the aesthetic of the spaghetti westerns of Sergio Leone, hence Danny’s stage-name. There is the obvious influence from Ennio’s Morricones work but his music has the edgy alt-country feeling with it as well. He describes the genre himself as absurdist western ballads. If that floats your boat, you can buy the ep and listen to more on his Bandcamp.

The Deadmen

Finally for today, a Washington DC Folk-Rock collective called The Deadmen. Made up of members Josh Read (guitar, vocals), Justin Jones (guitar, vocals) and Justin Hoben (guitar, vocals), released their self titled debut EP in March. The current single ‘Let Your Fingers Rule’ which you can listen to above is a soft americana rock sound that is gentle, warm and infectious to the ears. Listen to more of their tunes at the 8 Gang Switch Soundcloud page.

So that’s all that I have found for this month. Hope you find something you like here and if you do come across something that you feel would fit the blog, please get in touch.

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