The Dublin City Rounders

Just another day in the world of Eirecana. Of all the music I cover, probably the least common on Eirecana is rockabilly. Admittedly I am not a huge fan pf the genre myself. But there is some artists that are doing it well. One on the Irish scene is The Dublin City Rounders.

The Dublin City Rounders are made up of members brothers Rohan and Alex Healy. Both brothers had separate careers in the music industry before forming the Dublin City Rounders. Both Rohan and Alex were involved in bands or as a solo artist in Rohan’s case in the rockabilly genre before beginning to work together. So moving into this genre was not a huge leap for the lads.

With Rohan on tenor vocals and guitar and Alex on bass vocals and bass, the two lads have, it has to be said make a great amount of enjoyable noise for a two member group.

Forming in late 2013, The Dublin City Rounders aims to incorporate ragtime, swing and blues into their sound. The lads are obviously very aware of musical heritage. They are keen to incorporate the timbre of Vaudvillian and Tin Pan Alley output from the early 20th century including performing at 432Hz pitch to achieve the warmer, richer sound that was more common then. So far the band have released two albums ‘On Track’ and ‘Dis Am The Dublin City Rounders’ and have even managed to release a live album in that short space of time: “BootLeggings”. The band’s two studio releases so far have consisted of mainly traditional tunes, of which the band have built up a great repertoire. I’m not an expert on the genre but ‘Got the Milwakee Blues’ grabbed my attention as a great interpretation and a song that highlights Rohan’s distinctive singing style.
Another that caught my attention is the dark, gothic ‘Come Out Dinah’. A slower pace than a lot of the rest of the bands output, the song’s dark gothic edge stays with you throughout the melody with both vocals and the bass helping to create that dark atmosphere.

The band are a prolific live group performing, it seems they play fairly regularly in the capital. Incidentally Rohan’s keeps his own blog and has some interesting posts on the life of a club professional musician. You can read that here. It’s an curious read.

The lads are due to release their first fully original album “Decent Folk” towards the end of this year. You should check out some of the videos of the band on Youtube to get an idea of what the group is like live. You can catch up on on group through their Facebook page. All their previous output is available to stream and buy on Bandcamp. The band are on iTunes too.

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