Blood Red Mountain Band

I thought I wrote about these guys before but when I checked my records, it turned out I hadn’t. It is just one of those instances that you come across a band so often, you feel you almost know them.

Blood Red Mountain Band have been around for a number of years. The group formed in 2005 and set about gigging. The band were obviously good at it, such that by 2009 they were winning awards for Best Musical Group from the Association of Irish Festival Events (AOIFE). Led by Mark Flynn (guitar & vocals) with members Joeby Browne (bass, ukelele & vocals), Sarah May Rogers (fiddle & vocals), Dave Keegan (drums), Alison Byrne (vocals) as well as occasional contributors Anthony Gibney (lead guitar), Lindy Sue Devlin (accordion, melodica & Glockenspiel) and Aoife Kelly (fiddle). The band themselves cite their own sound as pop-americana or as they say it best “Think Bob Dylan on holiday in Ireland with Arcade Fire…”. And indeed their music is not far off this description, ‘Lost My Way’ is a great example of a what feels like a big band americana sound. It’s energetic in pace yet the xylophone reprieve offers a great angle into the song. The song though shines with the harmonies, firstly between Mark and Alison and then as the rest of the group joins in. It’s the impressive vocal stylings that make the arrangement so impressive.

As for releases, it seems the band have just the one self-titled EP released. Though you can listen to plenty of their tunes on Soundcloud and their Breaking Tunes page out. The band are currently working on their d├ębut album. The work in progress ‘Lucy Jackson (Don’t You Break My Heart)’ offers an exciting idea of what we can expect on the upcoming release. Bustling with a vibrant rhythm backing, the song is frantic in its melody and vocal style leaving you unconsciously taping your foot along without even realising it.

And if you are a fan of americana music videos shot on location in a fish tackle shop, well then you are in luck.

With some lovely blend of harmonies, exciting melodies, the Blood Red Mountain band feels like a group that would quickly get you up on your feet and keep your there. You can download the bands EP through iTunes here. Find out more information on the group on Facebook.


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