Jack of Diamonds Preview

So the Jack of Diamonds Festival is back around. I have to say the line-up of this festival has got me a little excited. If I was curating a festival of Eirecana’s favourites, it would probably be not too different from what we have below i.e. amazing. If you are not aware what the Jack of Diamonds Rhythm and Roots Festival is. Well basically its the best roots festival around. Its on this weekend (15th-17th August) and feature music across eight stages including Button Factory, the Mercantile,Grand Social Dame Court (Shack of Diamonds outside stage) and The Sweeney Mongrel.

The festival will be happening over the weekend with loads of free gigs to attend. As well as the major events happening in the Button Factory, there will be gigs in each night in the other locations. Also on Dame lane, there is live music and to top it all off the Jack of Diamonds have gone into partnership with the Dublin Zine Festival and the Rock-n-Roll Conference in Dame District. The main event features headline acts Rackhouse Pilfer, The Eskies, Tupelo, Tucan, Gavin Glass and Prison Love. The Dame Lane events are free of charge to attend. Throughout the weekend, there is also Dublin’s first ‘Rock & Roll Conference’ featuring a Vintage Car Rally, Citywide Motorbike Ride and a Barbershop convention.

There is also photography in the shape of ‘Backstage Pass’ in The Button Factory. An event that will take a look at Irish photography over the last 40 year, with picture of Rory Gallagher, Thin Lizzy, U2, Chet Atkins, The Horslips, The Hot Sprockets, Tom Waits, Barney Mc Kenna, The Eskies, The Strypes and more.

Overall you have to give credit to the guys for organising what looks like a great 48 hours of music and events. If it is as good in reality as it is on paper then you will see the best folk, blues, trad, rockabilly, alt-country, americana and roots artists Ireland has to offer. With that in mind, I am featuring five artists (just five, it was very hard to regulate myself to five) that I am going to try catch at the festival, a mix between the familiar and the new for me. If you are going, do enjoy and try see everything.

Gavin Glass and the Shakers
Playing in the Button Factory on Saturday night, I felt I had to mention Gavin because he hasn’t been performing live with a band much in the past year or two. Indeed I think that his recent appearance at the Dublin Goes Country event in Whelans was his first performance with band in a very long while. Thus I am excited then, to see the Godfather of the Eirecana genre live for the first time.

Ones I am looking forward to catching live. I haven’t heard much of Tucan before. From what I can make out though, I am intrigued. A ‘big band’ experience with variations on Irish, rock and other genres. Drawing on their influence which include Kila and the like, I am very curious as to what these guys will be like.

Cold Comfort
Back to the familiar for me. Cold Comfort are a group that I have constantly enjoyed listening to. From their early angry folk to the latest beautiful single “”. I am very excited about the new album and this gig as part of Saucy Sunday in the Grand Social should be very exciting.

Whitetrash And the Spearheaded Sparrowhawks
I have written about Whitetrash before. From the Youtube videos, you get a feeling that his performances seem to be lively affairs to say the least. So catching these high-energy performances feels like it will be a sweaty, raucous event. They seem like the perfect band to kick off the Saturday night events in the Button Factory.

Wyvern Lingo

I wonder are these the Irish answer to First Aid Kit. Well going by this video, it feels like it. They seem like a very exciting talent. They also remind me of the Mountain Man, similar in style and lyrical themes. I am very much looking forward to their melodies.

Also check out The Annulements, Stephen Young and the Union, Homebrew and the Bad Examples, Dylan Walshe, The Magpies.

                                        Just go see EVERYONE ELSE. Enjoy it folks.

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