Well I realise that it has been a long while since I did a proper blog post on Eirecana. I apologise to you the reader, about that. I have been concentrating on the radio show lately to the detriment of what this blog is all about; simple posts on music for your reading and aural pleasure. So I am back to bread and butter with a promise of a bit more effort on this side of things. And I’m glad to be kicking this off with some perfect music for a Sunday afternoon – the music of Mongoose.

Mongoose describe themselves as an outfit that specialise in the genre of “jolk”, that would be the genre of folk and jazz combined to you and me> Normally the “jolk” of Mongoose would not be the bread and butter of this blog but it’s always nice to have some couscous every now and again instead of the staples.

The is little on the background of Mongoose or even where the name was born, The group consists of members Molly O’ Mahony, Ailbhe Dunne, Muireann Ní Cheannabháin and Cara Dunne, the group make use of the cajón, cello and guitars to bring their jolk sound alive. The band have been round for the past few years and have developed a strong niche in their musical output. One thing that strikes you when listening to the group is the vocals. The harmonies are really quite beautiful actually, a song like ‘Knocked Singing’ encapsulates that blend of voices with a gentle melody that softly takes you in. It’s like sitting beside a warm fire on a Autumn evening, its easy to get quite lost in it.

The j side of the “jolk” of Mongoose is evident in a song like ‘I Can’t Say’ with those jazzy notes, percussion that gives the melody space and some fine vocals. The bands stated influences of the likes of John Martyn can be felt in a tune like this. It’s a wonderful jazzy number that sweeps you up.

The group released their first EP ‘Songs from an Umbrella​-​Booth’ which was released in October 2012. There is evidence of more od their songs about especially on Youtube here and here. Hopefully the band will be recording some new material soon as going by their output so far, their songs are not lacking in quality and it would be lovely to hear some of those new harmonies in a studio recording. 

The band are definitely on the rise and along with the likes of Wyvern Lingo are shaping a new style of folk music to come out of this country, one that has more than domestic influences. It’s all very exciting.

You can find more of Mongoose tracks on their Soundcloud page or alternatively check out the Bandcamp page to purchase the music. As usual check out the Facebook to keep updated with the bands goings-on and the official site too.

images: facebook

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