Good Tidings From The West Vol. XI

Haven’t done one of these in a while, in fact a very long while (I think it’s terms of months). Considering I get a load of emails in from American bands, outside of Ireland, I don’t feature them enough on the blog. So keeping up with the general theme of these posts, I’m going to look at three bands that hail from the U.S. that are purveyors of the best americana out there.

Moondog Matinee

Possibly named after one of The Band’s albums. Moondog Matinee are a Reno-based soul/blues-infused rock quintet made up of members Pete Barnato (Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar), Steve Widmer (Guitar, Vocals), Drea Ballard (Guitar, Vocals), Adam Carpenter (Bass, Vocals), Ben Ingle (Drums). That description is quite the conflagration of sounds. The group have already released one album and are about to release a second titled “Carry Me, Rosie” which is due out at the end of August. Listening to their current single “Last Night The Devil Learned My Name”, their sound is full of energy. It’s soulful rock with energy. Check them out on their website.

The Afternoon Edition

If you’re looking for something more calm side of americana, you should check out The Afternoon Edition. Reminiscent of Gooldrush era Neil Young, Canyon Lights is a lovely, piece of summery americana. The band also have another single that offers an opportunity to further explore their sound. With a banjo dominating through-out, it’s a sweet, warm tune that slowly reels you in. Check out more of The Afternoon Edition on their Facebook page.

The Living Sisters

The Living Sisters are a act that have been around a few years. Made up ladies Eleni Mandell, Becky Stark, Inara George and Alex Lilly they have a new album out now: “Harmony Is Real: Songs for a Happy Holiday”. The group were formed in 2005 by Eleni Mandell and Becky Stark because they both have a love of harmonies. After a few years together, the sisters recruited Inara George joined the next year, and Alex Lilly became the fourth “sister” in 2012. Their back catalogue consists of albums Love to Live was followed by an EP, Run for Cover. Each of the members has a solo career and come together to create these beautiful harmonies. It does remind you of the classic vocal groups of the 1950’s. Built up around some great melodies, they really are a treat for your ears.

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