Album Review: Gavin Glass – Sunday Songs

Back to the album reviews with this week’s post as I catch up on a multitude of releases that I haven’t got round to reviewing on the blog as of yet. Usually when I introduce artists I mention their music and their current releases. So often the premise of the blog posts here means that I don’t do many album reviews for artist unless its a subsequent album. I really should get on it though as I have a backlog going back to late last year of releases that I have to review. I’ll kick off with one of the highlights of the year.

“Sunday Songs” came about surprisingly (well, for me). The album has been in the shadows for a number of years with hints that tracks were recorded. The first inkling of the album that was about to surface was the release of “Sunday Songs”, the tile track in late 2014. “Sunday Songs” sets out what one should expect from the album; mature, reflective, warm, embracing, nostalgic americana.”Sunday Songs” in a way feels like an announcement of what to expect from these eight songs. It’s an album that reaches the realisation that it feels it shouldn’t compete with the noise of a Saturday night record and it benefits from it. Maybe I’m reading too much into this metaphor but this collection of melodies are a mix of moods I am sure that many of us associate with Sundays’; loss, regret, sadness. Not that it’s all negative, there is just as much positivity with hints of contentment and acceptance throughout.

The album itself was launched in May of this year. Glass’s fourth, the album artwork suggests a natural setting. It does feel like the arrangements are kept as simplistic as possible. Often keys and vocals are the make-up of tracks like “New Lovers Arms” and “Silhouettes”. The melodies are very warm. It’s like been invited into a neighbours house on a winters evening.

I have mentioned on this blog before that Gavin could easily be regards as the Godfather of modern Irish Americana. He has produced a lot of the records of this genre. He himself seems happy with the genre tag of Eirecana. What is eirecana? Well it’s that perfect amalgamation between the sentimentalities of the genre but taken on from a difference angle.

The second single from the album; “Better Off Alone” comes close to epitomising this. With a pop-americana melody the steel guitar glides over, once the song bursts into life with the chorus you’re hooked.

It is a beautiful record, full of atmosphere, at one time melancholic, at one time reassuringly positive, it does what all great records do; get under your skin.

You can purchase the album through Bandcamp. Find out more of the latest from Gavin Glass at his Facebook page.

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