Album Review: Jayne Trimble – In The Morning

After a flurry of media updates, it back to what (I think) I do best this week. It’s an album review of Jayne Trimble’s most recent release “In The Morning”. The album was release in 2014 but as Jayne sent it all the way to me from Canada, I think it deserves my attention.

I introduced Jayne’s music on the blog way back in October 2012. At that time she has released a lovely EP; “Run Onwards”. One track “You’ll follow Me” is one that I still find myself humming every now and again. At that time of that blog post I think Jayne was based in the U.S. She has since relocated to her new home of Vancouver, Canada. Her style as I mentioned in the other blog post is acoustic led, folksy roots. Think of artists like Neko Case, Josh Rouse, Nancy Griffith and you are not too far off. With the release of “In The Morning”, she has progressed her journey into this genre.

The album opens with the straight-up folk ballad “Lay My Burden Down”. The melody and her vocal style is reminiscent of classic English folk with its simple rhythm and gothic sounding lyrics. The beautiful Hammond gives the song a sombre feel.

In contrast, the third track “Paris of Green” demonstrates Jayne’s ability to move deftly within this genre. Haunted by a lap steel throughout, the song brings together a beautiful melody and supberb song-writing. The words are simple but put together carry a lot of weight. The songs carry’s a lot of images within it and has you intriguiged from the start: “my favourite, strawberry’s and cream/or are you sleepy”. It feels like there is a lot happening in those few words and that is a skill with words that you dont hear too often.

Tracks like “Meet You At The Gate” “Kingdom Come” and “Heartache of Goodbye” carry on this ability to bring to life experiences with a slight phrase; a few short words. That might make it sound like the album is full of tracks dedicated to raw personal experiences and one that you could imagine would be difficult to get through but that’s not the case at all. The songs are well crafted and each takes you on a journey, while you might expect some of the bends, not all the turns are mapped. “3 Horses” is such an example.

In The Morning is a beauftifuly constructed record. While no song stands above another on this collection, the album is all the better for it. Definitely more the sum of its parts, the vocal harmonies, the soft and deft touched of Hammond and Horns throughout the record simply allow Jayne’s vocals and words to shine.

You can find the album to stream on bandcamp. It’s also available on iTunes and is definitely worth a download. Check out her Facebook for regular updates from her.


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