One Horse Pony

Back to action this week with some Southern Blues. Well it’s not what you think. This band hail from Cork and are exponents of some fine truthful foot-tapin’ blues that you have ever heard.

One Horse Pony are a Cork based outfit formed a number of years ago through the very organic process of playing with each other in sessions in the Franciscan Well Bar. Rob Foley (a.k.a ‘Rev. Rob Hercules’) played with Badger (John Noonan) and together with fellow members Nolwen ‘The Meerkat’ Milot, Kevin ‘Frank-From-Germany’ Morrison, and Bart ‘The King’ Kondat started up One Horse Pony. The band started recording together and worked towards releasing their first album.

Their sound is easily identified as the blues but as Rob has revealed in a recent interview, they see their music as Gospel blues, with the addition of supporting “The Blind Boys Of Alabama” proving a likely inspiration. Their interpretation is a bit different though as the band’s musical make up includes a low whistle and bodhran.

The band were doing well enough that they released their début album in 2013. It’s a real rooty blues collection of tunes. The title track plays on the genre, with the lovely harmonising vocals, guitar backing and harmonica licks, the song is a great advertisement for their brand acoustic blues.

Another track that showcases the band interpretation of the acoustic blues is “Staring Blues”. With Rob’s perfectly suited vocals, the hand-claps, the lovely guitar licks, it’s a little gem of a blues number.

I would try to make some jokes about one trick pony and all that but I see it has been made before in the media. Perhaps the band’s name is a knowing reference to the often made allegation that it’s hard to differ one blues band from another. I think with the addition of the uniquely Irish instruments, they are clearly distinguishing themselves from as a strong contributor to the genre in Ireland.

You can catch up on everything the band is at currently (including a tour of Ireland) on their Facebook page. Alos check out the band’s official site for more and Soundcloud to catch up on their music.


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