Eirecana Podcast: Episode IX – Where’s the Sun?

Each month the Eirecana podcast brings you the best of americana, alt-country and folk from Irish and international artists. With discussion on everything from the scene in Ireland to emerging artists, if you are a fan of this genre, there is something for you here.


Episode IX – Where’s the sun?

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It’s the latest episode of the podcast. It seems like I am doing a month on/month off with the podcasts lately. In this month’s episode I give a reasonably good excuse why, I also discuss travelling playlists, why am I always injured and a little bit of music as well.


You can download the episode via iTunes here and all other great podcast download services. The playlist is below.



Artist (with link)




Front Seat

Simple Machines

and Thieves

Devil’s Beat


Cold Cold Rainy Night


Cold Old Fire

Cold Old Fire

The Afternoon Edition

I can’t stay


Stephen Young & The Union


Wilderness Machine

Josh Ritter

Golden Age of Radio

Golden Age of Radio

Have Gun Will Travel

True Believers

Science from an Easy Chair

Marc O’Reilly

The Wayward Shepard

Human Herdings

The Cujo

Dog Gone Ruin

Stories of Ruin

The Whispering

Whispering Pine



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Wanna Know More?Eirecanapodcastimage-1

If this is the first time you are coming into contact with the Eirecana podcast, let me give you a little history and the who, what, when, where of the podcast.

I already host a radio show on Flirt FM but have always had the desire for a podcast. It gives you a bit more freedom to play what you want and talk more freely about life, the industry and whatever else comes into my head. So in summary, the podcast will feature a few things: it will be (i) a monthly show  (ii) it will feature the best music of the month (from what I’ve listened to) and (iii) it will be a lot more relaxed and personal than the radio show.

The best way to be sure that you will catch the latest episode is to subscribe here on iTunes. If you have an android phone, use an app like Podcast Republic to listen to the show.

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