Vagabonds and Thieves – Harmonies and Rock in the one place

Back in the habit. I hope you enjoying your summer. I haven’t seen much sunshine or much holidays for that matter. But I am content in the knowledge that I have the music that allows the bit of escapism from the world that should be part of our daily lives. Nothing nicer than doing nothing than sticking on a few tunes, sitting down and soaking it all in.  The latest artist on my playlist is Vagabonds and Thieves.


Vagabonds and ThievesAlthough they classify themselves as an alt-rock outfit, I am more than happy to feature Vagabonds and Thieves on Eirecana. They’re sound, while with a foundation of rock, has that many nods to quality alt-country that it would be a miss of me if I didn’t feature their sound on the Eirecana blog. I have to say I have been drifting away from straight-up rock music for a while, mainly because of this genre largely consisting of ascoustic led music but these group of lads have certainly rekindled my love for no fuss rock and roll.

Vagabonds and Thieves are Andrew Harper (Vocals, Guitar) Jack McKenna (Bouzouki, Vocals) Peter Lane (Bass) Stephen Lynch (Drums). YOu read that right, their line-up includes an electric Bouzouki. Maybe that’s where I’m getting the alt-country vibe from. The band formed in April 2014 and have been wasting no time between recording and gigging since then. The story of how they came together is still a bit vague and how it was decided that a bouzouki should be part of the instrument line-up is even vaguer but that just leaves us with the music to enjoy.

The band quickly got featured on local radio Nova and Kfm where the live sessions they recorded went down well. They first few tracks that they have put out via Soundcloud show that the band had a clear idea of their sound from the beginning. Mixing rock, blues and  more, the band easily glide between those genres. As they say themselves they sound like “SeaSick Steve with a twist of Thin Lizzy and the pop sensibilities of Nirvana. ”


The track “Devil’s Beat” from their first EP bears this statement out. Though more blues than anything else, the song really is a great Bourbon shot, hard-living, f the world rock tune. The chorus comes at you like a train and the song really doesn’t relent for the rest of its entirety.

The guys have recently recorded and released their follow-up EP. “You, Me and all that’s inbetween” continues the rock fused journey that the band are one. The songs really have a strong pop sensibility to them with choruses that are real earworms. “Nurse” being the perfect example.

It’s funny how quite well the bouzouki works in the line-up. It blends seemesly into the bands sound. The band cites a number of American rock groups as influences. I hear reminders of some of my favourite current alt-country outfits like Have Gun, Will Travel. A real blend of harmony, guitars and great song-writing.

I do hope that the band build up a following. They deserve to. Their sound is one that it’s too common in this country and that should be enough for them to get the attention they deserve.  Stay up to date with the band on Facebook and check out Soundcloud page for all their music in one place.


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