The Good Rain – Humorous, Ethereal and Dark

It has been a while since my last blog post. My other media platforms are keeping me too busy. Anyway I came The Good Rain during the Galways Fringe Festival this year. That was the summer. This is the winter. Writing about them now only reflects the amount of distractions in my life but one advantage is their music reflects some beautiful melodies that fit nicely in with this season of dark days, cold atmosphere and haunting weather.

The Good RainThe Good Rain are a Cork based outfit made up of members Will Flanagan (percussion, backing vocals), Klaus Harvey (guitar, vocals) and Lea Miklody (Cello, backing vocals). The band’s formation goes back to 2007 when the members were studying  Permaculture / Practical Sustainability at Kinsale College in Cork at the same time. Since getting together the band have managed to release a full length album (‘Some Other Plan’) in 2012.

With the help of a Fund-It campaign that includes a house gig, the guys were album to follow up this release in 2015 with an EP; “Watch the Universe Expand“.

The band defiantly describe their music as indescribable. Though they do offer the hint as an outfit that walks the line between that mixes indie and Americana, post-punk and folk. So they quickly caught my attention.

You can see how the band do straddle the line between the genres. The first thing that strikes you play the Good Rain for the first time is the cello. The instrument, in the right hands, seems to add an extra emotion to any song it features in. Indeed listening to the bands debut album, it adds a haunting lingering feel to every melody. For some reason I was reminded of the music of Joanna Newsom, in some ways the songs of the The Good Rain are earthy, dark but there is also those quiet vocal melodies and style that gives the music an ethereal, otherworldly feel. It sounds like this is music you should be taken very seriously but their lyrics come across with a wry style that suggests they are knowingly that little step ahead of you thinking that.


Though they haven’t written any, The Good Rain feel like a band that were meant for the genre of murder ballads. The over and back of the vocals between the two singers on “You Can Love Me” inhabits a sinister edge with the arpeggio introduced halfway through the song adding a pace that feels like setting the story off to a dark ending. The female vocals are actually  Vicky McDonagh who was part of the band till the autumn of 2012.

The Band EP release in 2015 saw a progression to the band’s style. The title track of the E.P with it’s long acoustic introduction brings you a to a place where the words slowly start resonating. The philosophical tone and melodic style remind me in one way of Strawberry Fields Forever; a song about nothing but about everything at the same time.

They really are unique. Skirting the line between many genres, The Good Rain offer a different perspective on the world. With humour, the band offer music that suggests both vast canvases and unique viewpoints on the world. Melodies and words that are perfect for this time of year.

Follow the band on Facebook, download the EP on Bandcamp or you can by the album on iTunes.  You can sample a few of the album songs on Soundcloud and learn more about them on their Breaking Tunes page.


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