Edisons – Faultless Americana full of soul

I have a tab open in my browser that I would guess has been there for about 5 months. That is how quick I am to getting round to do things here. The tab is the home page of Edisons band website. Now I just getting down to writing about this band with a soft beautiful sound.

EEdisonsdisons is the fruit of a coming together of the styles and writing of Pete Fagan and Fran King. Pete we have featured on the blog before. Fran is a talented singer-songwriter that has released music in his own right too. He has been involved in the music industry for a number of years having been part of Irish band Peach for a number of years in the 1990’s. In 2011 both Fran and Pete decided to combine their talents and form Edisons.

The idea for Edisons came together when the pair met by chance on a Irish television show, the two artists became close friends. Fran has a seasoned background in Pop / Rock, kicking off his career with renowned Irish outfit “Beach”, penning two top twenty hits for the group in the late ’90’s.

They guys started recording together in late 2011. The fruition of that work was the debut album “Little Bohemia”. It is a concept album based loosely on the life and times of Prohibition era bank robber John Dillinger.

The opening track on the album “When The Morning Comes” is beautiful, haunting little gem. With it’s americana undertones and dashes of dobro throughout, the words share the worry’s of a man looking for a way out. It’s perfectly paced and grips your from the start.

It is no surprise to learn that the album was produced by Gavin Glass. His nicely deft production is very evident in this record. To immerse themselves fully in making this record, the guys made the decision in making the record to use no electric instrumentation. So the record is filled with the sound of acoustic guitars, mandolins, Dobro’s, Upright Bass, drums, piano, violins, harmonium  and Ukulele. There are not too many tracks out there from the album.

“Badlands” is another sorrowful song with the protagonist reflecting on his life, mistakes and accounting for it all. It has a real haunting feel and you can only be affected by the regret that the melody conveys.

There are a few more tracks on Youtube. The short and lively “A Change” is a highlight. To the point the song again features some lovely Dobro licks and is perfectly performed and arranged.

“Little Bohemia” is a very enjoyable record with real thought evident in the tracks on the album. Both Pete and Fran have done more that write songs on regret, love, loss and apply them to the John Dillinger’s story. It feels like a record that is seeped in the thoughts and dreams of one man surviving in the Depression era America. That’s to be commended.

You can find out more about the Edisons on their official site here and through their facebook page. Find the album to stream on Spotify and download on iTunes.

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