July 2017

August Wells - Capturing Life in Melody


Well as it is almost August, it seems apt that I should feature an artist that I have been hearing about for a long time but have not actually investigated. Today is the day I change all that with this post on August Wells. The band are made up of chief songwriter Ken Griffin and […]

Eirecana Podcast: Episode XV - Tell No One

The americana podcast dedicated to americana, alt-country, folk, blues and lots more. The Eirecana podcast brings you the best from Irish and international artists. With discussion on everything from the scene in Ireland to emerging artists, if you are a fan of this genre, there is something for you here.   Episode XV – Tell […]

Sonnets and Sisters - Creating Harmonies for the Soul

Ah summer, the hope of sunshine, the reality of rain. It is also the time of music festivals and where I get to explore and discover some new music that for whatever reason, often slips under my radar. One such artist is the Dundalk based folk outfit Sonnets and Sisters. It is rare that I […]