Sonnets and Sisters – Creating Harmonies for the Soul

Ah summer, the hope of sunshine, the reality of rain. It is also the time of music festivals and where I get to explore and discover some new music that for whatever reason, often slips under my radar. One such artist is the Dundalk based folk outfit Sonnets and Sisters. It is rare that I post on a band so early in their career but for some reason Sonnets & Sisters were calling to me.

The band have only been around since 2015 but have quickly earned praise for their beautiful harmonies. Consisting of members Stephanie Winters (vocals/keyboard/percussion, Anton Hande (vocals/guitar), Saidhbhin Gorham (vocals/ guitar/bass/percussion), and Harry Stover (drums/percussion), the band have created a beautiful etheral sound which is hard to ignore.

I originally came across the band last year in a post by Nialler9. The band have been slowly building both their repertoire and reputation since then. With the number of festival appearances for the band this summer, I am sure by the end of this festival season they will have gained a much bigger following. Sonnets and sisters 2

They launched their debut single last year. “Take What You Want” is a soothing warm, almost wintery delicate folk melody that slowly draws you in before bursting into life for the final third.

Their second single, released in November of 2016 really showcases this bands strength. Vocal harmonies are what this band does best and by God, do they do it well. The most common comparison the band have got is Fleet Foxes. I am reminded of Fleet Foxes too but they sound more close to classic folk for me. Their sound is routed in folk. The likes of Feist, Bon IvorMountain Man and The Staves come to mind.  “Silence”, ironically or intentionally is all about the voices. The song is wrapped around their voices and it is beautiful.

Sonnets and Sisters are a group that possess beautiful vocals and going on what they have released so far, and if the stars align right, a group that have a bright road ahead of them. Imagine four Bon Ivers in one band and you pretty much have the idea.

You can find out more about the band on the Sonnnets and Sisters Facebook page. You can download and listen to the band’s music on the band’s Sonnets and Sisters Bandcamp page.


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    Absolutely love them ❤️❤️❤️

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