Americana Around the World Round-Up Vol XIII: Broken Flowers, DeathBarrel and Prinz Grizzley

A bit of a change for this post. Usually in this post (which I haven’t done in a while), I feature artists and bands producing great americana and alt-country from the U.S.A. In this post though I am turning my attention east. I want to feature some new artists that I came across very recently. Hailing from Sweden, Austria and England, let me introduce Deathbarrell, Prinz Grizzley and Broken Flowers.


Broken FlowersBroken Flowers

Hailing from Leeds, Broken Flowers have been on the road since 2012. Led by singer Anne Mosley, the band produce a engaging alt-country sound that belies the band’s name. Consisting of a simple four piece; Darren Gibbs (Lead Guitar), Mike Brown (Bass) and┬áKevin Asquith (Drums), the band make a big wholesome sound.



You would not associate Norway with some classic rock americana but DeathBarrel bring a sound that so natural and authentic, you have to ask where these guys came in touch with the genre and what inspired them. The story is that Ottar B. Stangeland, lead singer came up with DeathBarrel while serving 90 days in prison. Otter formed the band together with Mr.Hansi (Bass and backing vocals) and Mr. Jacobsen. The band released its debut album in 2012; Merciliess Winds. The album is full of wonderful country tinged rock melodies. The standout being, for me, this track Walking Away.

Prinz GrizzleyPrinz Grizzley

Our next stop on this tour of brilliant americana is Austria. Prinz Grizzley came to my attention recently when he was playing at the recent Kilkenny Roots Festival. ┬áLed by Chris Comper, Prinz Grizzley produces some soulful, heartfelt country tunes. “Walls” is the perfect example of what he does best. The emotion of the vocals in the chorus and slide guitar licks bring an intensity that is hard to ignore. The latest release from him is “Wide Open Country“, an EP worth checking out. It is soulful, beautiful amiercana.




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