Keith Burke – An Honest Troubador

We’re back! Fresh off the success of the news that I have made the final of Blog Awards Ireland, I thought I should keep up the energy and impetuous on this blog with a new post. So today I am writing about a bearded singer-songwriter from Dublin.

If you said to me, singer-songwriters are fairly common these days, do you need to feature another one. I would say to you: Yes and Yes. Singer-Songwriter name gets a bad rep a lot of the time and it’s mainly due to lazy categorising. Today we acknowledge that fact while we celebrate the music of Keith Burke.

Keith Burke

Keith has been an honest troubadour in carving out a career mostly as a part time musician while releasing three albums which is no mean feat. Keith grew up in the coastal town of Skerries in North County Dublin but is now based in the city. He is currently a Maths and Physics teacher while working on the music in the nighttime.

Keith’s first release was in 2004 with “The dancer who stole your shoes”. The album is a collection beautiful tunes based on Keith’s own experiences.  Keith’s words are simple and direct and each song feels like a real life experience brought to life with music.



His style is based around guitar led melodies. The songs are arranged sparsely to allow the words flow through and reach you. The very autobiographical “The Last 33 Bus” is a story of getting the late night last bus home to his native Skerries and is told sweetly and has real resonance of being in my early twenties with the last late night bus home.

After the release of the “Say The Words Again” EP in 2014, Keith focused on a new album. With the help of a little black book, Keith released probably his best record to date. With a fuller sound  “These Boys” is described as Country and although it takes in stylings from classic country structure, it is an album not afraid to let loose. The saxophone featured on “Cut Our Teeth” a great example.

You can listen to a three track preview of the album on Soundcloud. “Crazy Babe” is a lovely, fiddle led mournful yet uplifting tune. It is easy to get drawn in and soak up the melody.

As I said in the title, Keith is an honest troubadour and that shines through in him lyrics, his music and his outlook. He is a man to admire, dedicated to his music through times of work and following his own career. An artist you should really get to know.


You can get “These Boys” on iTunes. Get more of Keith Burke from his official site here. You can follow him on Facebook too.


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