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Born and raided in the middle of Ireland, I was, unbeknownst to myself raised on a diet of early alt-country; The Eagles, Gram Parsons, Dillard and Clark with the occasional Irish and Country artist like (Texas Tom and Ray Lynam) thrown in for good measure. I tried to escape this in my rebellious adolescence by endorsing Alien Ant Farm but that adventure didn’t lead me to contentment. This is the music I always return to.

Having found no place on the internet where Irish bands of this genre are located together, I started this blog.



About The Blog

This blog is dedicated to writing about americana, alt-country, folk, blues, tex-mex, desert rock, and every other related genre you can think of. I write mainly about Irish artists. However I also include bands from Europe as well as writing about the best music from the U.S.

This blog works a little bit differently from other music blogs. I don’t post news, gig listings, etc here. That is what the Facebook page is for.

The aim of this blog is to archive and showcase great americana music from Ireland and further afield. On Eirecana, I concentrate introducing new artists and reviewing albums. Simple as that.

The idea is that each post contains some songs that you might not have heard before.  So with all the music in one place, you don’t have to go searching for it.

So because of this approach, the blog might not be updated everyday but it does mean that when it is, you are guaranteed music to listen to.

If you want to get in touch with me, contact me at ron [at] eirecana.com

The Eirecana blog has been short-listed for Irish Blog Awards in 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2017. It has been semi-finalist in the OMIG Digital Awards for Best Blog in 2016.

2012 Blog Awards shortlisted_large1 Blog Awards 2015 Short Listed-300x2503 Blog Awards Shortist 2014 OMIG Semi-Finalist 2016V for Very Blog Awards 2017_Judging Round Button_Shortlist

In 2017 it reached the finals of the 2017 Blog Awards and was a awarded Silver badge in the final.

V By Very Blog Awards Ireland 2017 Silver Award


Eirecana Genre

Since this blog has started, the genre “Eirecana” has received a bit of coverage in various media out lets. If you’re asking me to describe what the “Eirecana” genre is, i’m not 100% sure. I interpret it as the output from Irish artists with a hint of americana or alt-country. It’s a loose term and  should be taken as such but it’s a great way to discover new artists who are interested of making music of this type.


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    I have just come across this blog and I must say I am delighted !!! Its because of blogs like this, I don't have, don't need a television…. I will be a regular visitor… Thanks for the effort you provide ………….. "BIG" Respect Joe Fury

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    Thanks for that. I hope this blog is as entertaining as television!

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    Hiya Ron, I'm having trouble sending you some promo with the email address above. Do you have another email i can send it too?

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      Hi, try eirecana [at] gmail dot com. See if that works, looking forward to hearing from you

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    Dear Ron, thanks for your kind words regarding Mikey and the Scallywags. we are delighted that you were able to see us a few times in the past year. we will try to send you some new tunes whne we finish our recordings. Hope to see you out there sometime soon. Mikey

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      No bother, I look forward to the new songs. Hopefully so. Keep her lit!

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    Hi Ron,
    Some details on featured artists at Kilkenny Roots Festival (free Music Trail to be added). Tried to email to your address, but keeps getting rejected!
    Barrence Whitfield has been described as the owner of one incredible pair of lungs, with limitless energy and unmatched enthusiasm for his music and his audience.
    “Whitfield and the Savages never let up, pummeling your heart and your eardrums with some of the rawest soul to come along since Pickett and Redding.” No Depression

    ‘Keeper’ is the new record from acclaimed musician and songwriter John Doe. Even though his days as a punk pioneer are decades past, Doe will forever be remembered as punk rock’s golden throat…
    “The tightest, finest and most morally acute music of the last 20 years.” Q Magazine

    In 2008 The Webb Sisters were chosen to join Leonard Cohen's live band on his first tour in fifteen years.The record-breaking tour has played over 300 concerts to date. Two DVD and audio albums have been released documenting the musical performances of the tour, 'Live in London' and 'Songs from the Road'.
    "The 'sublime' Webb Sisters" – Leonard Cohen

    His 10th album, The Happiest Man In The World, has just been release on New West Records and sees Hamell still as uncompromising, fearless, insightful, absurd, hysterical and as poignant as he was when he descended upon the music world with his debut 25 years ago.
    “Bill Hicks, Hunter S. Thompson and Joe Strummer all rolled into one” – Philadelphia Weekly

    For a project that began as a single song in a London bedroom, Lyla Foy's hypnotically hushed songs have come quite a long way over the past two years, figuratively and literally, as her worldwide deal with Sub Pop will find her spending quality time supporting Mirrors the Sky across the globe.

    Both Michael Weston King and Lou Dalgleish are no strangers to successful, independent music careers but after 10 years of marriage, the two turned their attention towards a joint project. The result was How Do You Plead?, an album that took the Country / Americana world by storm .
    “This is a great album. A finely crafted all original tribute to the classic country duet” The Guardian

    Aoife O’Donovan released her long-awaited solo debut Fossils last June. Recorded over three weeks in Portland with producer Tucker Martine (My Morning Jacket, Neko Case), Fossils is a must-listen blend of bluegrass, folk and back-porch Americana.
    “She is surely the next Americana celebrity.” Four stars, The Guardian

    Sturgill Simpson's authenticity stands out like an island of hope in a sea of tacky. Bonafide mountain hillbilly soul, as pure as you are going to find anywhere.
    “If there was a representative of Honky Tonk Heaven right here on earth, he'd sound a lot like Sturgill Simpson, and the record would sound a lot like High Top Mountain. This guy is the real deal.” No Depression

    Brooklyn based O'Kane's music comes from the mountains. A mix of Appalachian Folk, Bluegrass and Zydeco all played with an intensity and passion that is hard to resist.
    “West Virginia mountain man sings loud and raw and plays banjo fast and beautiful.” – Mojo

    Mark is the former singer of Miracle Legion. "Dear Mark J Mulcahy I Love You" is the newest record. Now signed to Fire Records, Mark is back to making music and playing live.
    "Mulcahy's been busy reinventing himself as a Lou Reedesque street poet. It's gritty urban dramas never became too heavy-hearted, the breezy tunes blowing through like prime Jonathan Richman." 4 Stars Mojo

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    Some more Kilkenny Roots!
    Jimmy MacCarthy returns to performing with his ‘Prophecy / Conspiracy ?’ tour. The tour will pay homage to old favourites such as ’Neidin’, while introducing more recent work such as ’Andalucian Gray’ and ‘Children of Mile’.

    Hidden Highways is a collaboration project featuring two of the country’s most talented songwriters, Carol Anne Mc Gowan and Tim V. Smyth . Mining a rich vein of stripped down folk, raw boned country the two started working together in late 2010 and have been crafting wonderful folk-tinged numbers ever since
    “For those who appreciate simple, honest songwriting, this is gorgeous stuff.” 4 Stars Irish Times

    Barry’s former band, Jubilee Allstars, were once aptly described as equal parts Velvet Underground, Leonard Cohen and Brendan Behan. His fifth album, Cut Throat Lane, is a love song to his hometown, and the record sees him make a major leap forward in his songwriting.
    “A rolling/rocking indie folk stew, Dylanesque with a hard Dublin accent. There is surely not a better narrative lyricist in Ireland; Brilliant.” Four Stars – Irish Times.

    John Blek and the Rat’s infectious brand of Americana influenced balladry has travelled up and down the roads of Ireland, the UK and Europe, kicking up the dust in the dark corners for the last three years.
    “From the winding charm of ‘Take Me Home’ to the raucous shuffle of ‘Hand On My Heart’, it’s Americana fed folk rock at it’s best. The Rebel County’s answer to Ryan Adams and his Cardinals” – HOT PRESS

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