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Shite is a word that is not used near enough in songs. Its such a great word. Rather than shit, it can convey much stronger emotion and contempt for a subject. Gladly Cold Comfort have found found a way to utilise shite in their music, the word that is. The Dublin based band formed in […]


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I have been listening to the Drive-by Truckers back-catalogue a lot recently. They are still one of my favourite bands although the quality control might have gone done a bit lately. What I like about the Drive-By Truckers is the stories in the songs. Songs such as “Daddy’s Cup” and “I used to be a […]



The Needables are a relatively new band emerging from…well, it’s not exactly clear but they were apparently former fishermen so maybe they had a home in every port. Back to the music. The four tracks so far released has them definitely pinning down their sound. “High Climb” and the recent track “Stuck Like Glue” have […]