This is a brief introduction to the Eirecana podcast. Simply put the podcast is a monthly round-up of my favourite music. It’s more relaxed and less “regulated”, shall we say than the radio show.

You can donwload previous episodes of the podcast here.


I have been doing the radio show on Flirt FM for about two years now, on and off. I enjoy doing the show. Spreading the word about americana music in Ireland is obviously something I like doing. Playing new music both from inside this country’s borders and outside that I like and hope the listeners will like too will mean I will be keeping up doing the show for a while.

However although the radio show is on Mixcloud and gets the few plays, I wanted to make the show more accessible to a wider audience. The one way to do this was to create an Eirecana podcast.

So I am pleased to tell you, dear reader that Eirecana is now a podcast. You can find the show on iTunes here. So far I have three shows up there. I haven’t developed a strategic plan for the podcast. Originally I planned to upload the radio shows as a podcast but I soon figured out that I wouldn’t be utilising the full potential of having a podcast (more on that later). So the podcast will feature a few things: it will be (i) a monthly show  (ii) it will feature the best music of the month (from what I’ve listened to) and (iii) it will be a lot more relaxed and personal than the radio show.

Why A Podcast?

Well there a number of answers to this question. I think the music I play on the radio show and feature on the blog deserves more attention. As you might be aware podcasting has been in the middle of a revival as of late. It makes sense to have a podcast dedicated to this genre. Mixcloud isn’t easy for everyone to access but a podcast is.  Also on a radio show, even on a community station like Flirt FM, you are restricted as to what you can say, and what you can play.

So I try to keep the chat general on the radio show and refrain from playing any shows with curse words. Now I plan to be more open and play more music that I cant on the radio.

How To Download

So I expect the show to be a monthly in editions released at the middle of the month. The best way to be sure that you will catch the latest episode is to subscribe here on iTunes. If you have an android phone, use an app like Podcast Republic to listen to the show.

If you have music that you would like to submit to the show, get in contact with me: ron [at] eirecana [dot] com or find me on Twitter or Facebook.