Eirecana radio is a fortnightly radio show on Wednesday’s on Flirt Fm. You can stream the show live on or listen in on FM on 101.3 in the Galway area.


The first edition of the Eirecana radio show was on the 22nd April 2013. Since then I have been doing the show mostly weekly on Flirt FM.

I enjoy doing the show. The main aim of the show is to spread the word about americana music in Ireland. Hopefully a lot of the music I play is artists that listeners are not familiar with and it makes them curious enough to want to investigate.  Every genre of the whole americana spectrumis catered for including americana, alt-country, blues, folk, tex-mex, country and more.

How to Listen to The Show?

Well there a number of answers to this question. To catch the show live tune into on Wednesday fortnightly at 2pm (GMT). To cathc up on previous shows, you will want to head over to Mixcloud where the whole Eirecana radio archives are waiting for you.

Other Radio Shows to Check Out

I am a big fan of radio. It’s my favourite medium of communication. So I do tend to seek out americana radio show both nationally and internationally.

I have compiled lists of both. While no means exhaustive, they do give you something to discover and listen to while your not browsing the Eirecana radio back catelogue!

Americana Radio shows in Ireland

Americana Radio Shows in the U.S., U.K. and elsewhere

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